Acta Veterinaria Eurasia (Acta Vet Eurasia) is an international, scientific, open access periodical published in accordance with independent, unbiased, and double-blinded peer-review principles. The journal is the official publication of İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and published triannually on January, May and September. The publication language of the journal is English.

Acta Veterinaria Eurasia (Acta Vet Eurasia) aims to contribute to the literature by publishing manuscripts at the highest scientific level on all fields of veterinary medicine. The journal publishes original articles, reviews, case reports, short communications, and letters to the editor that are prepared in accordance with the ethical guidelines.

The scope of the journal covers all animal species including the topics related to basic and clinical veterinary sciences, raising livestock, veterinary genetics, animal nutrition and nutritional diseases, zooneses, veterinary medicinal products and public health, and food hygiene and technology.

The target audience of the journal includes specialists and professionals working and interested in all disciplines of veterinary medicine.

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Effect of Production System on Meat, Bone and Fat Percentages of Different Carcass Parts in Gökçeada Goat Kids

This study was performed to determine meat, bone and fat percentages in different parts of carcasses of Gökçeada Goat kids grown in different production systems. Totally, 27 male kids in three different groups were used as material. Group I-Suckling Kids (n:7): Grower concentrate and Alfalfa hay wer...

Author/s : Mustafa ÖZCAN / Hülya YALÇINTAN / Bülent EKİZ / Cemil TÖLÜ / Türker SAVAŞ

DOI : 10.16988/iuvfd.2016.05767